Unveiling the Secrets of 1967 Corvette Paint Codes

1967 Corvette paint codes are a gateway to the iconic era of American muscle cars. These codes hold the key to unlocking the vibrant colors and distinctive finishes that made the ’67 Corvette a timeless classic. Let’s delve into the world of these paint codes, deciphering their secrets and exploring the spectrum of hues that defined a legendary era.

Corvette Paint Codes Overview

1967 corvette paint codes

Paint codes play a crucial role in identifying and matching the original colors of classic cars like the 1967 Corvette. These codes provide a standardized way to communicate specific paint formulations, ensuring accurate restoration and preservation of the vehicle’s original appearance.

Chevrolet has employed various paint code systems throughout its history. In the early days, paint colors were often described using basic names or numbers. As the number of available colors grew, Chevrolet introduced a more structured system that assigned unique codes to each paint color.

Evolution of Paint Codes

The paint code system used for the 1967 Corvette consisted of a three-digit code followed by a letter. The first digit indicated the base color, the second digit represented the tint, and the third digit denoted the shade. The letter at the end of the code identified the type of paint, such as lacquer or enamel.

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Over the years, Chevrolet’s paint code system has evolved to accommodate new technologies and a wider range of colors. Today, paint codes typically consist of a combination of letters and numbers that provide detailed information about the paint’s composition and application.

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Decoding 1967 Corvette Paint Codes

1967 corvette paint codes

The 1967 Corvette paint codes provide valuable information about the car’s original appearance. These codes are typically located on a trim tag or other body panel and consist of a series of letters and numbers.

The first character of the paint code indicates the type of paint used:

  • L: Lacquer
  • A: Acrylic
  • C: Custom

The second character indicates the color group:

  • 1: Red
  • 2: Blue
  • 3: Green
  • 4: Yellow
  • 5: White
  • 6: Black
  • 7: Brown
  • 8: Silver
  • 9: Gold

The third and fourth characters indicate the specific color within the group:

  • 01: Monza Red
  • 02: Riverside Red
  • 03: Tuxedo Black
  • 04: Jet Black
  • 05: Ermine White
  • 06: Arctic White

Paint Code Locations

The 1967 Corvette paint code can typically be found in several locations on the vehicle:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate:The VIN plate is located on the driver’s side door jamb. The paint code is usually listed in the fifth or sixth position of the VIN.
  • Trim Tag:The trim tag is located on the firewall, behind the distributor. The paint code is usually listed in the lower right-hand corner of the tag.
  • Paint Stencil:Some 1967 Corvettes have a paint stencil located on the radiator support. The paint code is usually stenciled in black or white paint.

It is important to check multiple locations for paint code verification, as one location may be damaged or missing. If the VIN plate or trim tag is damaged or missing, the paint stencil may be the only way to determine the original paint code.

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Color Options and Availability

The 1967 Corvette offered a diverse palette of exterior colors, catering to the preferences of discerning buyers. These hues ranged from classic and understated shades to vibrant and eye-catching tones, allowing owners to customize their Corvettes to match their individual styles.

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The availability of certain colors was influenced by factors such as trim level and production year. For instance, the iconic Le Mans Blue was exclusive to the high-performance L88 model, while the elegant Ermine White was primarily offered on the base and mid-level trim levels.

Color Options

The following table lists the color options available for the 1967 Corvette, along with their corresponding paint codes:

Color Paint Code
Tuxedo Black 900
Ermine White 901
Saddle Tan 902
Silver Pearl 903
Rally Red 904
Riverside Red 905
Le Mans Blue 906
Corvette Gold 907
Marina Blue 908
Satin Silver 909
Teakwood Brown 910
Bolero Red 911
Harvest Gold 912
Stinger Red 913
Marina Blue Metallic 914
Polo White 915
Fathom Green 916
Corvette Gold Metallic 917
Nocturne Blue 918
Bright Blue 919
Greenwood Green 920
Riverside Gold 921
Sunfire Yellow 922
Gulfstream Aqua 923
Bronze Copper 924
Tropic Turquoise 925

Paint Code Resources: 1967 Corvette Paint Codes

For accurate paint code information for 1967 Corvettes, consult reputable sources such as online databases, restoration manuals, and expert forums.

Online Databases

  • Corvette Paint Codes Database:Provides a comprehensive list of paint codes used on 1967 Corvettes, including color names, paint codes, and availability information.
  • Classic Car Database:Offers a searchable database of paint codes for various classic cars, including the 1967 Corvette.

Restoration Manuals

  • Chevrolet Corvette Restoration Guide 1967-1969:Includes detailed information on paint codes and color options for 1967 Corvettes.
  • Corvette Restoration Guide 1965-1967:Provides paint code information and restoration tips for 1967 Corvettes.

Expert Forums, 1967 corvette paint codes

  • Corvette Forum:A community of Corvette enthusiasts where members share knowledge and provide assistance on paint codes and restoration.
  • Corvette Restorers Society:A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and restoring Corvettes, including providing paint code information.

Conclusive Thoughts

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In conclusion, 1967 Corvette paint codes are a testament to the enduring appeal of this automotive masterpiece. Whether restoring a classic or simply admiring its timeless beauty, understanding these codes is a journey into the heart of automotive history. Embrace the vibrant legacy of the ’67 Corvette, and let its paint codes guide you through a world of color and nostalgia.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the significance of paint codes for the 1967 Corvette?

Paint codes are crucial for accurately identifying and replicating the original colors used on 1967 Corvettes. They ensure authenticity in restoration projects and allow enthusiasts to preserve the car’s historical integrity.

Where can I find the paint code on my 1967 Corvette?

The paint code is typically located on the vehicle’s trim tag, which is usually found under the hood or in the glove compartment. It may also be stamped on the radiator support or firewall.

What factors influenced the availability of color options for the 1967 Corvette?

Color availability was influenced by factors such as trim level, production year, and market demand. Some colors were exclusive to certain trim packages or limited production runs, making them highly sought after by collectors.