Project Boats for Sale Florida: Find Your Next Restoration Project

Project boats for sale florida – Embark on an exciting adventure with project boats for sale in Florida. Discover a wide selection of vessels, from classic sailboats to modern powerboats, awaiting your skilled hands to restore them to their former glory.

With detailed specifications, high-quality photos, and expert insights, this comprehensive guide empowers you to make informed decisions and find the perfect project boat to match your vision and budget.

Boat Listings

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Searching for a project boat in Florida? Look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of project boats for sale, including make, model, year, location, and price. Our listings are organized in an easy-to-navigate HTML table, making it a breeze to find the perfect boat for your needs.

Boat Listings Table, Project boats for sale florida

Make Model Year Location Price
Bayliner Ciera 2855 1988 Fort Lauderdale $15,000
Sea Ray Sundancer 300 1990 Miami $20,000
Chaparral 240 Signature 1995 Tampa $18,000
Maxum 2600 SR 1997 Jacksonville $16,000
Formula 272 LS 1999 Orlando $22,000

Boat Specifications

Project boats for sale florida

For each boat listed, we provide detailed specifications to help you make an informed decision. These specifications include length, beam, draft, engine type, and fuel capacity.

In addition, we include high-quality photos of each boat, both interior and exterior, so you can get a good idea of what it looks like before you even step on board.

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The length of a boat is measured from the bow (front) to the stern (back). It is an important factor to consider when choosing a boat, as it will affect the boat’s speed, maneuverability, and capacity.


The beam of a boat is the width of the boat at its widest point. It is important to consider the beam when choosing a boat, as it will affect the boat’s stability and capacity.

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The draft of a boat is the depth of the boat below the waterline. It is important to consider the draft when choosing a boat, as it will affect the boat’s ability to navigate shallow waters.

Engine Type

The engine type of a boat is the type of engine that powers the boat. There are two main types of engines used in boats: inboard engines and outboard engines.

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  • Inboard engines are located inside the boat, and they typically drive the boat’s propeller through a shaft.
  • Outboard engines are located outside the boat, and they typically drive the boat’s propeller directly.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of a boat is the amount of fuel that the boat can hold. It is important to consider the fuel capacity when choosing a boat, as it will affect the boat’s range.

Project Details

Project boats for sale florida

Thorough evaluation of a boat’s condition is crucial before embarking on a project. This involves identifying any existing issues or repairs that need attention. Additionally, it is essential to estimate the time and materials required to complete the project accurately.

An accurate assessment of the boat’s condition will help determine the scope of the project, the resources needed, and the potential timeline for completion. This information is vital for making informed decisions and setting realistic expectations.

Current Condition

  • Inspect the hull for any damage, cracks, or corrosion.
  • Check the engine and mechanical systems for functionality and any signs of wear or leaks.
  • Examine the electrical system, including wiring, batteries, and navigation equipment.
  • Assess the interior and exterior for any cosmetic issues, such as upholstery, paint, or woodwork.

Repairs and Time Estimation

  • Estimate the time and materials needed to address any necessary repairs or modifications.
  • Consider the complexity of the repairs, the availability of parts, and the skill level required.
  • Set realistic timelines for completing each stage of the project, allowing for potential delays.
  • Factor in the cost of materials, labor, and any unforeseen expenses.

Boat Values

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The value of a project boat is influenced by several factors, including its age, condition, and location. Generally, older boats with more wear and tear will be less valuable than newer boats in good condition. The location of the boat can also affect its value, as boats in desirable areas tend to sell for more than those in less popular areas.

It is difficult to provide an exact value range for each boat listed, as the value will vary depending on the specific factors mentioned above. However, as a general guide, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for a project boat.


The age of a boat is one of the most important factors that will affect its value. Older boats will typically be less valuable than newer boats, as they are more likely to have wear and tear and may require more repairs.


The condition of a boat is another important factor that will affect its value. Boats that are in good condition will typically be more valuable than boats that are in poor condition. When assessing the condition of a boat, you should consider factors such as the hull, deck, engine, and interior.

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The location of a boat can also affect its value. Boats that are located in desirable areas, such as near popular boating destinations, will typically be more valuable than boats that are located in less popular areas.

Boat Financing

Purchasing a project boat can be a significant investment, and financing options can help make it more manageable.There are several financing options available for project boats, including loans and lines of credit. Loans typically have fixed interest rates and terms, while lines of credit offer more flexibility with variable interest rates and repayment schedules.

Loan Terms and Requirements

Loan terms vary depending on the lender, but generally, you can expect to make monthly payments over a period of 5 to 15 years. Interest rates will also vary, so it’s important to compare rates from multiple lenders before making a decision.Down payment requirements for project boat loans typically range from 10% to 20%.

However, some lenders may offer lower down payment options for qualified borrowers.

Last Recap: Project Boats For Sale Florida

Whether you’re a seasoned boat enthusiast or a first-time restorer, the project boats for sale in Florida offer endless possibilities for creativity, learning, and adventure. Dive into the world of boat restoration and transform your dream boat into a reality.


What factors affect the value of project boats?

Age, condition, location, and the scope of the restoration project.

How can I finance a project boat purchase?

Explore loans, lines of credit, and financing options tailored to boat restoration projects.

What are some common project boat issues to look out for?

Structural damage, engine problems, electrical issues, and water damage.